Caleb | The Artist

Born and raised in Hawaii, Caleb O’Connor moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, which has one of the top ranked painting programs in the nation. Caleb studied under the renowned painting professors Israel Hershberg, Mark Karnes, Barry Nemett, and Raul Middleman. During his senior year of college in 2001 he had his first solo exhibition at Gallery K in Washington D.C. Since then, he has shown in many galleries both nationally and internationally. Shortly after graduating with a BFA he taught an advance drawing course at the Delaware College of Arts and Design and painted portrait commissions of families from all parts of the world.

Caleb continued to teach and paint portraiture for one year until he was awarded a Fulbright grant to study in Italy for nine months. He lived in Seravezza Italy, a little town strategically located near Pietrasanta which is know as the center of marble and bronze sculpture. In Italy he pursued his dream of expanding his vocabulary into the realm of three dimensions, learning marble carving and bronze casting techniques. While in Serevezza he studied with Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux, marble carvers well known for their large abstract architectural works in marble. While in Italy he was able to complete two major works in marble and numerous smaller works in his traditional medium, oil painting.

Following his time in Italy, Caleb returned to his home island of Maui and was able to concentrate on a new body of work. A series of landscapes paintings emerged, illustrating the trail from the small town of Makawao, through the open fields of Kula, and towards the magnificent views on Haleakala Crater.

Several years later, and several states later, Caleb moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he worked on a three-year project for the Federal Courthouse; a series of large-scale historical paintings. Currently, Caleb continues to work in Tuscaloosa, out of his downtown studio. Unable to unveil his current projects, Caleb will be busy until December 2019. He is working on several public works. Follow his progress and glimpses into the studio on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



The Artist & His Studio

Meet Caleb O'Connor and visit his personal studio. Open to the public, O'Connor Art Studios welcomes guests most First Fridays of each month. Visit the official studio website for special events and art class schedule. You can also "like us" for updates on our O'Connor Art Studios Facebook page

Due to the nature of Caleb's current projects, he has been unable to host events usually open to the public. Please contact the studio for any info and special requests.